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2020 iHub Radio Programming Schedule Revised For First Quarter of 2020

iHub Radio is launching the new year with a series of program schedule changes due to multiple unforeseen circumstances.


From emergency surgery to personal family business, members of the iHub team have been pulled away from the microphone or forced to make adjustments to their schedules so we are working as quickly as possible to fill the gaps that have been temporarily created by the forces of life.


Company founder and afternoon drive host John McMullen will resume his McMullen & Friends show as soon as he gets the doctor's clearance to return to work each day following a medical procedure that has limited his ability to walk.


"Contrary to the rumors," McMullen says, "it wasn't a matter of getting my foot stuck in my mouth for once." All kidding aside, a sudden foot injury sidelined him potentially until the end of February.


Kevin Gillette's departure from mornings

John McMullen

Jimmy Francisco and Kevin Gillette

came just days after the Christmas break due to another professional commitment, but the newcomer wont disappear altogether from the iHub Radio line-up. As he leaves Jimmy Francisco and Shellie Meeks to their morning magic on Better Than Working (formerly Francisco & Gillette), he will be jumping into nights in late-January as host of the Kevin Gillette Show.


Better Than Working will broadcast live from 7 to 10 am with a daily encore from 3 to 6 pm. Gillette's new show will air 6 to 8 pm weeknights when it launches later this month.


Meanwhile, Conversations with Charlie Dyer and That's Life with Anita Rufus continue in their 10 am to 12 noon time slots with encores later in the day. The station will also air a broad selection of its unique lifestyle programming from the weekend during early afternoons and mid-evenings on weekdays. And, for those who are dealing with addiction recovery, In This Moment with Toby C now broadcasts weeknights at 11 pm. For all show times, please click on the Schedule in the site menu.

iHub Radio Team Grieves Passing of Company Co-Founder Alex Huy

Alex Huy

iHub Radio

On Saturday, December 21, iHub Radio co-founder and former executive vice president Alex J. Huy, died at the age of 31.


Huy is survived by his father David Huy in Tucson, his mother Nancy Huy in Laguna Hills, and sister Madison Stone in San Diego, and many extended family,

friends, and loved ones around the United States.


Alex joined co-founder and CEO John McMullen in February, 2018, in the expansion of iHub Radio's parent organization where he had created an information and consulting subsidiary called Blazing Crypto, which focused on the rapid emergence of  crypto-currency and blockchain technology.


When iHub Radio was launched in May, 2018, Huy  added duties as an operations executive and also hosted a daily one-hour program called The Blockchain Gang. He was also a frequent participant on McMullen's weekday afternoon show.


"We are profoundly saddened by Alex's sudden passing and our prayers are with his family and all who loved and cared about him. We miss him very much," McMullen said.

Above: Alex Huy as the featured guest on Time To Prosper with Joe Wallace [09/23/18]. Below: Co-Founders McMullen and Huy in Palm Springs in early 2019.

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