Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities with iHub Radio

  As media consumers spend fewer hours in front of a television set, or even using the traditional AM & FM band of their automotive entertainment systems, one thing is certain: they hold the future in their hands.


  Long gone is the transistor radio, boombox and the walkman. Their information-age equivalent makes digital content the place to be in almost any moment and any opportunity to connect with listeners and viewers.

  The iHub Radio platform integrates audio, video, social media, and a treasure chest of tools that can elevate the experience for consumers, and engagement for products and services offered by those who want accountability as much as 'cool factor' for their brands.


  Talk with iHub Radio about its mixed-media approach to building your customer base and loyalty through the power of local personality.

The iHub Radio Platform is the most accountable means of connecting with MEDIA consumers in the Coachella Valley.

CALL TODAY. grow your business tomorrow.

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