About iHub Radio


iHub Radio is the only media entity serving the Coachella Valley 24/7 with locally-produced and focused shows in the news/talk format. As media outlets go these days, it's rare to find one that is 100% locally owned. That puts iHub Radio in a pretty exclusive pack of operators who value that special connection to serving their own neighbors.


This isn't scratchy and dull like AM; it's not formulaic like FM; and, it doesn't cost a dime like Sirius XM. We're redefining the word "radio" just by including it in our name. Welcome to an all new PLATFORM for consuming information and entertainment that is uniquely home grown for the Southern California Desert Cities region.


The mixed-media tools that iHub Radio brings with its local shows and newscasts and our trailblazing business model with an emphasis on our roots to the community combine for a powerful new approach to making lasting impressions with the remarkable pool of talent who have grown up or landed in our own back yard.


Area broadcasters rely on networks, syndication companies and other outside content creators to make a connection with listeners and viewers. We don't want to take away from what they provide. Instead, iHub Radio will offer a distinctly different perspective on life from the perspective of being a resident or visitor to the greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area.


"If I can't get iHub Radio on the AM, FM or Satellite Radio dial, HOW DO I tune in?"


iHub Radio is completely distributed on a digital platform. Access our programming from this website, or add us to your smartphone or tablet using either the iOS or Android iHub Radio App. You may also access us from several digital automobile dashboards using the TuneIn App, or at home or work with the Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speakers.


Whether you are relaxing in your living room, anchored to your desk at work, commuting to and from work, on the treadmill at the gym, or you're a part-time resident back home in the Pacific Northwest, Canada or even further, iHub Radio is no further away than your fingertips or your voice to Alexa's ear!

Management Profiles

John McMullen, President & CEO


It's been said that Mr. McMullen was born with a microphone in one hand and a briefcase in the other. The media entrepreneur has been blazing trails in a seemingly old industry for decades. He hosted his first TV talk show before he could get a driver's license. He was the architect of a high school radio station in 10th grade. And, by the time he graduated from high school, he was the youngest operations manager of a major market radio station in America. He couldn't even legally crack open a beer by the time he launched his first business - a 40-station regional radio network in the Pacific Northwest. But, not one to accept "you can't do that" for an answer, the Seattle native has woven together a career in both high tech and media ventures that speaks to his entrepreneurial spirit and creative wisdom.


McMullen landed in the desert cities on Labor Day Weekend in 2007 after leaving a five-year stint at Sirius Satellite Radio, where he created some of the most unique content initiatives in the satcaster's history. As Director of News, Talk and Sports Programming at Morris Desert Radio Group from 2007 to 2012, John was responsible for taking the stations from a "syndicated talk show jukebox" to a minimum of eight hours of daily local content seven days a week on KNews. During this period, McMullen fell in love with life in the Coachella Valley and didn't want to leave the comfortable climate after growing up at the buckle of the rust belt in Seattle.


McMullen has worked on a variety of endeavors over the past five-plus years in connection with his friend and colleague, veteran news/talk programmer and consultant David G. Hall. After a brief 10-month assignment helping to straighten up WMBD AM & FM for Alpha Media, John returned to Southern California (well, he never got rid of his home here) for surgery on a serious spine injury. After his recovery, he collaborated with Hall on the creation of a new nationally-syndicated current events talk show, which he oversaw the production of in a new venture based in Palm Springs. Realizing that he ultimately wanted to be focused on the power of local information and entertainment, John transitioned the primary focus of the business to multi-media production and new endeavors including local digital news/talk platform iHub Radio, and Blazing Crypto, an information service focused on the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology marketplaces.

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