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Recent Programming Highlights

Russ Betts Show

Care to take a guess at who leads the Coachella Valley in crime? You will not be correct if you assume it's Desert Hot Springs. The once-beleaguered city with a reputation for criminal activity is shaping up. Russ talks with Police Chief Dale Mondary.

Pop City with Bobbie Eakes & Melissa Neiderman

Sue Cameron from The Hollywood Reporter and actor/singer Jeff Trachta drop in to iHub Radio Studio 4A for a visit on Saturday, May 26, 2018 with Bobbie & Melissa.

Conversations with Charlie Dyer

This week on Conversations, Charlie talks with authors Kathleen Bershad, The Wine Lover's Apprentice: Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Oneophiles; and, Tracy Fessenden, Religion Around Billie Holiday. Hear all past interviews: CLICK HERE

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