iHub Radio To Add

On-Demand Services

Since the launch of iHub Radio nearly one year ago, the service has focused primarily on live streaming for daily and

weekly talk shows. In response the chorus of requests for more on-demand listening options, listeners will soon have access to a number of podcasts.

"Because our programming is most relevant in its live form," says CEO John McMullen, "we have always emphasized iHub Radio is best heard when our audience can interact with the programs on the live stream."


"As the audience continues to grow, we will now make more content available in the podcast format. This will evolve over the next several months, and we will be developing some exclusive podcast-only programming."


iHub Radio currently offers on-demand access to daily news updates produced in conjunction with The Desert Sun, as well as Conversations with Charlie Dyer.


After U.S. Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s conversation with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, The Intersection’s Jason Page talks about the viability of Buttigieg with political strategist Aisha Moodie-Mills.


If you missed The Intersection with Jason Page on Tuesday afternoon, click below to listen:



Get the latest Local/Regional Update from iHub Radio and The Desert Sun Newsroom with Charlie Dyer.

Dan McGrath's Saturday Night Disco Fever 8 pm to 12 midnight pacific time exclusively on iHub Radio GET YOUR BOOGIE ON!


April 20th will mark the one-year anniversary of iHub Radio's first live broadcast. We'll celebrate from remote locations throughout the day with iHub Radio personalities on-location across the Coachella Valley.


Stay tuned to iHub Radio for more details coming on Thursday, April 18th beginning at 8 am on Coffee with Dan McGrath.

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TuneIn's App also makes iHub Radio content accessible through several appliances, including Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Tesla digital dashboards.


Just give your TuneIn-enabled device a simple command: "Play iHub Radio on TuneIn!"

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